Heartbleed Bug

Tags: Heartbleed, Openssl, CERT

Recent media reports have highlighted an Internet vulnerability referred to as the Heartbleed bug. This is a serious bug in OpenSSL software, and on affected servers it may expose secure data, including confidential information.

The iHealthSuite team has confirmed that our platform is secure. Our servers do not make use of OpenSSL, so they are unaffected by the Heartbleed bug. You can safely continue to log into your iHealthSuite account and manage your video content.

iHealthSuite content players DO utilize software that is affected by the bug, but this does NOT pose a security risk. Content players never receive, transmit, store, or have access to any confidential data. However, because future applications may require secure data transfer between content players and our servers, we are upgrading the software on all iHealthSuite content players. The upgrade includes a software patch which fixes the Heartbleed bug and removes the vulnerability.

For more information, please see the notice here: CERT


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